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Waterfall Adventures

These Belize waterfall tours can be booked when you arrive, ahead of time, or as part of a package. To guarantee space and availability, we recommend booking your tours before you arrive.


If you are adventurous then this is the tour for you. Hike to the top of the Waterfall, through lush rain-forest learning about the flora and fauna on the way. Then let gravity take over as you descend down the falls clipped into a rope system operated by one of the experienced guides. At the end of the rappelling you can have a refreshing swim in the emerald pools and take in the breath-taking view of the Tropical Rain Forest and hearing the sound of the waterfall!

WHAT TO WEAR: Long Pants, t-shirt, Hiking Shoes, (Bathing Suit)
WHAT TO BRING: sunscreen, bug spray, bathing suit
TOUR INCLUDES: Transportation, Guide, Lunch, Water and Entrance Fee


If you want to truly experience tropical rain forest waterfall, you need to visit this private waterfall which is situated in the Maya Mountains. The stream flows from the waterfall with all its tranquility and beauty surrounding it; all you hear is the sound of the waterfall! It is located just at about a 25 minute drive from the resort.

TOUR INLCUDES: Transportation, Snacks, Water, Towel and Guide


Start your adventure off with an invigorating hike through the Belize Rainforest where your guide will educate you about flora and fauna along the way. After your challenging hike cool off in the refreshing emerald pools at the top of the falls. From the top you can enjoy the breath-taking views and see all the way to the Caribbean Sea. After a short walk back down the trail you will take the exhilarating 250ft rappel in two rappels. You will walk back down the trail before enjoying a delicious meal prepared at the Wild Fig restaurant. After a relaxing lunch it’s time to zip through the jungle on the longest zip line in Belize. It has 12 flat forms and 8 different runs and another rappel to enjoy. All in a fantastic rainforest Adventure.

Bocawina Package

After Zipping through the jungle for 2.5 miles on the longest Zipline in Belize and Central America, fill your belly with a delicious lunch provided at the Wild Fig Restaurant. You will then venture on a guided 20 minutes hike to Bocawina Falls where you will have the opportunity to rappel one hundred feet down and swim in the refreshing pool below. This tour is sometimes done in reverse; rappel first then zipline.

WHAT TO BRING: Bug Spray, sunscreen, Bathing suit, Towel
WHAT TO WEAR: Long Pants, T-shirt, Sneakers (shoes)


One of the most impressive natural sites in Toledo is the Cave at Blue Creek. The drive is through different Mayan communities where you get to the see the locals in their natural habitat. The cave is a 20 minute hike from the village to the entrance of the cave. In a few minutes, a 10 foot waterfall and the main cave entrance appears. The huge cave entrance is carved from the summit of a hill where the Blue Creek gurgles up from underground. The creek runs out the entrance of the cave, cascading over limestone boulders, under the towering shadows of the surrounding rainforest. Archaeologists have found many Late Classic ceramics and an altar inside the cave, leading them to theorize that the Hokeb Ha cave was used specifically for ceremonial purposes. Then begin your 2 hours inside the cave, exploring and seeing this unique cave system. Then head back to have lunch at a local restaurant then go for a refreshing swim at the Rio Blanco waterfall, the main attraction here are the cascading falls of the Rio Blanco which then flow through wide, shallow pools and over smooth slabs of mudstone and sandstone, before pouring over a 15 foot ledge into a deep pool. Surrounding limestone boulders allow easy exploration above the pool. Further upstream, a small waterfall and wading pools feed the main waterfall that guest can enjoy a nice refreshing swim. Trees and flowering vegetation encircle the shady cliffs while Blue Morph butterflies flutter amongst the surrounding tree.

WHAT TO BRING: Changing Clothes, Bug Repellent, Sunscreen, Camera, bathing suit, and water shoes
TOUR INCLUDES: Transportation, guide, lunch, water, snack, Entrance fees

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